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Dr Lorna Jowett’s TV Fangdom impresses scholar at Spain’s University of Oviedo

Dr Lorna Jowett, Dr Stacey Abbott (The University of Roehampton) and Dr Mike Starr’s recent success with the TV Fangdom conference on Television Vampires (The University of Northampton, 7-8 June 2013), which featured key scholars Brigid Cherry and Marcus Recht as well as an outstanding presentation on often forgotten British TV vampires by BFI Television curator, Lisa Kerrigan has just welcomed a further success.  Dr María Mariño Faza, a lecturer at the University of Oviedo, Spain could not attend the conference but was so impressed by news of the scholars involved that she has decided to spend time researching representations of vampires and the supernatural at The University of Northampton School of the Arts this summer.

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School of the Arts researchers keep going global

This June researchers from the School of the Arts will be engaging with creative practitioners from all across the world. Read on for more details.

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