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Using TUNDRA2 for research data: a researcher’s perspective

The University’s research data policy and guidelines place responsibility for good research data management on both the Principal Investigator and the University.

The University is obliged to “provide means and services enabling registration, deposit, storage, retention of and access to digital research data” and to “hold data securely with appropriate access controls”.  Its solution for both of these requirements is TUNDRA2.

The UNARS project team have been using TUNDRA2 for their research data and I asked Research Assistant Jo Alexander about the team’s experiences:

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Understanding Agency and Resistance: Children in situations of domestic abuse

UNARSDr Jane Callaghan writes:

The UNARS research team was at the University of Northampton this week. This 4 nation project, funded by the European Commission through it’s ‘Daphne’ funding stream, focuses on young people’s experiences of domestic abuse. This week, we began the analysis of our interviews with children, carers and professionals who work with domestic abuse. Our researchers from Italy, Spain and Greece explored the complexities of young people’s lived experience of domestic abuse, and the creative and resilient strategies they deploy to cope with these situations.

Find out more about the project here.