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Are you doing your research degree on a part-time basis?…

mature-students-seminar BHam…. then there are two day-long workshops coming up, free of charge to research students in the Midlands. All you have to do is to book your own travel!

The first, at The University of Birmingham on 9th June, is Part-Time Researcher, for students in the early stages of their research and will focus on the ethos and process of part-time research; Working with your Supervisor, Time Management and Making Progress, Forward Planning and Objective Setting.

If you are in  the final 18 months of your PhD or doctorate, the Part Time Researcher Finishing Workshop on 22 June at the Open University in Milton Keynes is for you. This includes sections on Editing, Preparing for the Viva, and Publishing.

Please click on the links above for more information and to book a place.