NELSON sets sail

FAQ: What is NELSON?

NELSON is the library’s new resource discovery tool, replacing Metalib as the primary portal for accessing electronic resources.

Through NELSON you can search many of the library’s electronic journals databases, as well as the library catalogue, NECTAR and other electronic sources.  With an option to restrict search results to ‘Full text online’, access to full text is straightforward.  Other NELSON options allow you to limit search results by resource type, topic, creator, collection, date, language and so forth.  All in all it is a useful starting point for scholarly research.

However, if you wish to access the library’s subscription databases through their native interfaces then there are links from NELSON to the full list of these. Other featured links will take you to the ‘Find my Reference‘ tool (for checking availability of specific articles), the university’s new reading list service and your library account.

There is more information about NELSON on the ‘Help’ tab at the top of the NELSON web page and in the library’s ‘Getting Started Guide‘.

Image credit: Compass by Roland Urbanek

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