Multi-language Speech Transcription/Annotation

Not to be confused with the Transcribers – Northampton service, Vanceinfo are looking for multi-language transcribers 

Job description:

–           Aid a Fortune 100 company in the development of speech recognition applications in the following languages:

o          US English or UK English or Canadian English or Australian (New Zealand) English

o          European French or Canadian French

o          German

o          Latin Spanish or European Spanish

o          Brazilian Portuguese

–           Perform transcription and/or semantic annotation of audio recordings following predefined guidelines.

–           Participate in the improvement of transcription and annotation tools and guidelines.

–           Provide trainings to newly recruited annotators/transcribers as needed.

–           If work at home, internet connection is required, PC with Windows system is also required.

Job Requirements:

–           Native speakers of the above listed languages

–           Familiar with local pop culture of the target region.

–           High school education or above.

–           Available 10 hours a week or more.

If you are interested, please send your CV to For more details, please also contact

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