Wherefore art thou RoMEO?

FAQ: Can I legally upload the full text of my journal article to NECTAR?

At a School research meeting yesterday I was asked whether it was legal, for copyright reasons, to deposit the full text of a journal article in NECTAR.

The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is very often YES.

Even if you have signed a Copyright Transfer Agreement, many publishers will still permit you to deposit a version of your article in your institution’s open access repository or archive.  They may not allow you to upload the final published PDF version (although hundreds of publishers do) but two thirds of all publishers do permit some form of ‘self-archiving’.

The easiest way to find out your publisher’s policy re self-archiving is to use a tool called RoMEO.

RoMEO is recognised internationally as the authoritative source of publishers’ policies on self archiving.  For a given journal or publisher it will tell you which version of an article can be deposited in NECTAR and whether any conditions apply.  This really useful service also provides links out to publishers’ websites, their copyright policies and and any paid for open access options they may offer.

If you’d like any help with using RoMEO or uploading the appropriate version of your work to NECTAR then the NECTAR team are here to help you.  Please get in touch.

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