Beginning teaching in H.E: An Induction for academic staff new to teaching in H.E

It is a requirement of the research degree programme that any research degree students who engage in teaching and assessment at the university undertake formal training offered by the university

The Beginning Teaching in HE programme can be taken by any research degrees student with a teaching commitment in the coming year. It can also be taken by students with no allocated teaching hours but who have an interest in teaching in the future. Read on for the draft programme for the January 2012 delivery……


Beginning teaching in H.E: An Induction for academic staff new to teaching in H.E

These 6 sessions comprise a complete induction programme designed specifically for new members of academic staff involved in teaching. They will provide opportunities for discussion around learning and teaching combined with an introduction to policies and procedures specific to the University of Northampton. 


Date/Time/Venue Session Leading
Tues 8th Jan


(includes lunch)

Venue: N25 (Naseby)


Student Services

An introduction to student services at the University of Northampton – presenters will provide an overview of the services designed to support, extend and enhance the student experience whilst studying at UoN.


Jenny Dunstall (Access Ability)

Angela Ashpole (Access Ability)

Kate Swinton (CfAP)

Lynn Finn (Careers)

Weds 9th Jan

9.30 – 1.00pm (includes lunch)

Venue: Y105 (Yelvertoft)


Teaching in H.E

This session will offer an opportunity to discuss general issues around H.E. teaching & learning drawing on the experiences of the session participants


Peter Wells

(Assoc. Dean SoE)

Thurs 10th Jan

9.30 -1.00pm (includes lunch)

Venue: S014 (Sulgrave)

Teaching Large Groups

A focus on large group teaching e.g. lectures & large seminar groups.

This session includes opportunities for discussion around presentation skills/personal styles/ developing good habits and different approaches to teaching/learning and assessment.

We will consider various approaches to planning, structuring content and common difficulties/challenges that may present in a large group context & ways to address/overcome these. There will be opportunities to draw on the experiences of attendees and address issues of interest/concern.

Di Stoncel


Fri 11th Jan

9.30 – 1.00pm

(includes lunch)

Venue: T-Pod (Park)


Technology-enhanced learning

This session will provide an opportunity to become familiar with a range of resources to support learning and teaching. This workshop is designed to be ‘hands-on’ and allows time for your own areas of interest/ questions/discussion.

Rob Howe
Weds 16th Jan

9.30 – 1.00pm

(includes lunch)

Venue: C325


Teaching small groups

This session considers issues linked to DDA & SENDA /Equality & diversity & materials/resources produced for students. The areas of focus include: questioning strategies; behaviour management (positive strategies);passive vs. active engagement of students; different methods of small group teaching – strategies matched to purpose/desired outcomes. There will be ample opportunity for discussion and for participants to identify issues of personal concern

Di Stoncel


Fri 18th Jan

9.30 -1.00pm

(includes lunch)

Venue: C319



Assessment & Evaluation issues

The session focuses on all aspects of assessment including student evaluation of their courses/programmes in NSS/ISS. It will include an examination of: assessment criteria; marking methods; tutor feedback; formative and summative feedback.

Examples of the above will be provided for critical examination & discussion by participants. Current University policies will also be highlighted & considered

Di Stoncel


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