SOTA Postgraduate Conference, 19-20 September 2013

We are delighted to announce the final programme for the annual School of the Arts Postgraduate Conference 2013.  This event will feature presentations by our doctoral students; keynote lectures by Professor David Crouch (The University of Derby) and Paul Cureton (The University of Hertfordshire) as well as a poetry reading by Winner of the 2012 New Zealand Post Book Award for Poetry, Rhian Gallagher.

On 1st October 2013 this post was updated with a revised programme and photographs from the event.

The dates and times of the presentations by our guest speakers were:

Professor David Crouch, ‘Flirting with space: journeys and creativity’.

12 noon, 19 September 2013, MY120.

Listen online below or download as MP3 (37min, 18mb):

Rhian Gallagher, Poetry Reading.

5pm, 19 September 2013, Avenue Gallery.

Paul Cureton, ‘Postgraduate Transitions: A Personal Reflection for Developing Research’

11am, 20 September 2013, MY120.

Scheduled events happened at The School of the Arts, Avenue Campus, The University of Northampton.

Read the full programme to find out more about our guest speakers.

Since this post was first published on 16 September, it can be also be confirmed that Paul Middleton, the Executive Dean of the School of the Arts introduced the conference and a session on archival research was presented by Dr Gerri Kimber on the afternoon of Thursday 19th September.  Many thanks to all staff who participated and our SOTA postgraduates for making the event such a success.

Rhian Gallagher and Professor Janet Wilson

Rhian Gallagher and Professor Janet Wilson at Avenue Gallery, The University of Northampton, 19 September 2013.

SOTA Postgraduate Conference Meal at Les Olives, 19 September 2013

SOTA Postgraduate Conference Meal at Les Olives, 19 September 2013

About Dr Larissa Allwork

Dr Larissa Allwork worked at the University of Northampton School of the Arts (May 2012 - August 2015). She also participated in Professor Janet Wilson's EU-Marie Curie funded Constructions of Home and Belonging ITN. She continues to be affiliated to Dr Sonya Andermahr's Working Group for Interdisciplinary Research in Trauma, Narrative and Performance.

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