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Your online thesis: what you need to know

The PGR Thesis and Examination Policy states that it is mandatory for final, post-examination copies of research degree theses to be deposited in NECTAR.  But what does this mean for PGR students (and their supervisors)?

This post will outline the policy and procedure for depositing your thesis in NECTAR and some the issues you need to consider when doing this.

Gather your strength and read on…

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Important: new open access policy for the University

At last week’s meeting of the University’s Research and Enterprise Committee, members approved a new open access policy for the University.  Aligned with, and supporting, HEFCE’s open access policy for the REF, the University policy states:

The University supports the principle of open access and expects researchers to share their research outputs freely, subject to legal, ethical, commercial or contractual constraints.

From 1st April 2016:
• All researchers will record bibliographic details of their research outputs in NECTAR within three months of the date of acceptance for publication, presentation or other dissemination in the public arena.
• The authors of journal articles and conference proceedings will upload the accepted full text copies of their work to NECTAR within three months of acceptance for publication.
• The full content of other research outputs should be deposited In NECTAR as soon as possible.
• All full content will be made openly available immediately or following the expiry of an agreed embargo period.

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A fond look back at my research life at the University of Northampton

By Dr Nadia Anwar

Nadia in the SOTA research office

Now that my academic life at the University of Northampton has come to a close, I take this opportunity to reflect on and share my experiences as a research student. In July 2012 the decision to leave my former university and move to the University of Northampton was not an easy one to say the least, especially when as an international student I was required to pass through the rigors of applying for a new study visa and starting my research process afresh. But my first two experiences at Northampton helped overcome my initial apprehensions and concerns to a great deal. The first was my preliminary meeting with Prof Janet Wilson, Dr Victor Ukaegbu, and Dr Jumai Ewu, my potential Director of Studies and supervisors who ensured me of the potential of my research and showed profound insight and knowledge into the field of my study. The second was the highly professional manner in which my move was handled by both the administrative staff and visa department of the UoN.

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Decade: Celebrating ten years of research at Northampton

Decade: celebrating ten years of research at the University of NorthamptonTen years after achieving full University status and research degree awarding powers, the University is celebrating with a new publication describing some of its current research: Decade: Celebrating 10 years of research at the University of Northampton.

It’s a gorgeous publication showing a wide range of projects and featuring some stunning photographs.  Those of you who attended the Images of Research exhibition will recognise a few of them.

University ISBNs

Did you know that the University of Northampton is registered as a publisher for the purposes of allocating ISBNs to monographs produced by members of the University?

Some of the books we have published include:

Read on to find out how you can apply for an ISBN for your work.

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DOIs and Enhancing the Learner Experience in Higher Education

I mentioned in a previous post that the University had recently registered with CrossRef to allow us to allocate Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to published articles.

ELEHE header image croppedOur first use of these has been within Enhancing the Learner Experience in Higher Education (ELEHE), the university’s first open journal.  Each issue of the journal now has a DOI, as does each article within the issue. For example:

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English and Creative Writing Showcase New Research to Students

On Thursday 24 October, researchers at the School of the Arts gave presentations on their new publications at a social event convened by Professor Richard Canning for English and Creative Writing undergraduates.

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Mapping the landscape of child health and wellbeing research and development

Submitted by Dr Sarah Neill

Mapping the landscape of child health and wellbeing research and development at the University of Northampton

If you are working in the field of child health and wellbeing research, development or knowledge transfer, you are invited to a meeting to map the landscape at the University of Northampton in this area.

Please click on this Doodle poll to enter your availability.

We will advertise the best date and time plus the location of the meeting in the week beginning 4th November.

For more information please contact Sarah Neill or Jane Callaghan.

SOTA Postgraduate Conference, 19-20 September 2013

We are delighted to announce the final programme for the annual School of the Arts Postgraduate Conference 2013.  This event will feature presentations by our doctoral students; keynote lectures by Professor David Crouch (The University of Derby) and Paul Cureton (The University of Hertfordshire) as well as a poetry reading by Winner of the 2012 New Zealand Post Book Award for Poetry, Rhian Gallagher.

On 1st October 2013 this post was updated with a revised programme and photographs from the event.

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