Featured researcher: Clare Ellis

Clare Ellis & Rex cross rabbit. Photo: Learning Materials team at Moulton College.

Clare Ellis & Rex cross rabbit. Photo: Learning Materials team at Moulton College.

Clare Ellis, Postgraduate Research Student
Second prize winner of the 2014 UN Graduate School poster competition

On the 7th May, at our Annual Poster Competition, Clare won a second prize of £75 for her poster entitled “Britain’s Bunny Problem: It’s not all black and white…” Clare is a postgraduate researcher in the School of Science & Technology and is based at Moulton College. Her research interests are in the field and animal welfare assessment using behavioural and other non-invasive measures within zoos and other captive animal settings.

Poster comp May 2014 C Ellis

Clare’s current research is investigating the existence of personality in pet rabbits with a view to developing a tool to reliably test for personality in pet rabbits so that they may be matched to the most appropriate home. Initial stages of the research are investigating factors surrounding pet rabbit relinquishment and owner perceptions of their rabbit’s character.

To find out more about this study, you can visit www.facebook.com/rabbitphd or follow the study on twitter @rabbitphd

You can find more information about Clare Ellis at her LinkedIn and Moulton staff profiles.




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