Revamped A-Z list of databases

Those of you who prefer to access the library’s electronic databases directly via their native interfaces may be interested to know that the library’s A-Z list of databases has had something of a makeover.

The original alphabetically arranged list is still there, but now you can filter the list by resource name.  There is also a new ‘Subjects & categories‘ classification so it is easier to find the most appropriate resources for your discipline.

nu-information-services-park-414-EditThe ‘Multidisciplinary and research tools‘ category may be particularly useful for researchers: it contains links to the big research databases such as Web of Science and Science Direct, as well as links to resources such as Journal Citation Reports, RefWorks and EThOS.

If you would like to know more about any of the library’s resources, or could use some help in finding information on your topic then your Academic Librarian is the person to ask.

Photo credit: HeppDesigns

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