LLS Advisory Panel – new members wanted

Headphones study 2LLS is reconvening this important group and it would be great to have representation from research students. The group meets online via a NILE forum so you can contribute as and when it suits you.

You don’t even have to contribute to every discussion – just add your opinions on things that matter to you.  Only by hearing from research students can LLS ensure its services are meeting your needs.

Chris Powis, Head of Library and Learning Services, explains:

As part of our commitment to meeting the real needs of students we want to recruit Advisors for the 2014/15 LLS Advisory Panel, where you will help to shape the services, resources, environments and future of LLS.

We will be asking for your opinion on a wide range of issues via a NILE forum (so there is no need to attend meetings or commit to a number of hours).  Discussion points might cover anything from the split between silent and group work areas in library buildings, opening hours, e-books versus print, how we communicate with students, what resources you would like to see on the Skills Hub, or what makes a good NILE site.

No special qualifications are needed and you will not be representing anyone’s views but your own.  All we ask is that you are interested in shaping how we support your studies and are committed to joining in the discussion.

So, if you would like to make a difference and enhance your CV at the same time, please give your name and email address to the desks at either library or email Chris Powis to register your interest.

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