Human Endeavour in Antarctica and Space: Inspiring stories from the end of the Earth and beyond.

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic and NASA On the 10th June 2016, the University of Northampton will host the conference ‘Human Endeavour in Antarctica and Space‘. Using Antarctica and Space as the context, the accomplished conference speakers will discuss a variety of topics connected to science, exploration and endeavour, photography and entrepreneurship.

Antarctica has often been used as a context to study humans in isolation and served as an analogue environment for human spaceflight. Bringing speakers together who have been involved in both Antarctic and Space related endeavours offers a unique experience and one which we hope will go some way to inspire others in their own work and life.

Presenters include:

Kelvin Murray – A former British Antarctic Survey diver and consultant to Blue Abyss, the world’s largest, and deepest, research, training and development pool
Dr Beth Healey – European Space Agency doctor, who has recently returned from over-wintering in Antarctica
The Turner Twins – Identical twins who complete extreme expeditions using both new and old methods of exploration
Simon Middleton – An entrepreneur and founder of The Shackleton Company
Professor Gro Sandal – Consultant to the European Space Agency, expert in psychology in extreme conditions and principal investigator on Mars-500 project
Martin Hartley – An acclaimed expedition photographer and serial visitor to the Polar Regions
Dr Nathan Smith – Researcher studying psychology in extreme environments recently returned from a psychology field study in Antarctica

Tickets for the event are priced at £85. Students are able to register at a reduced cost of £50 (£30 for UoN students). Register here….

Images copyrightATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle), DLR German Aerospace Center CC BY 2.0. File:ATV (14237602675).jpg. And Flight over Antarctica, Public Domain. File:View over an DC-8 wing with CFM-56 engines to antarctica.jpg. Both Wikimedia Commons.

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