Gateway for supervisors – getting started

Gateway is our online postgraduate research (PGR) management system. This post is to help supervisors to get started using it.

UoN staff should log on with their usual University username and password. Gateway uses the following terminology:

Researcher – am academic member of university staff
External researcher – an external academic colleague (typically an external supervisor)
Staff – a non-academic member of university staff
Doctoral researcher – a postgraduate research student (PhD, DBA, DProfPrac and even MPhil)

When you log in you should see the noticeboard in the centre of the screen and ‘My record’, ‘My Doctoral Researchers’ and ‘Graduate School’ buttons on the right hand side. The ‘Recent additions’ feed on the right hand side shows you new staff, students and projects that have been added – it may not be particularly useful to you.

G SV homepage

My record – click on this button to see details held about you. All Gateway users can see your profile but the amount of information they can see is limited depending on their roles, and is no more than the information already available to staff and students in the university’s communications directory. Some of the information is fed automatically from the HR system. If you click on ‘edit’ you can add your contact details, research interests, etc.

My doctoral researchers – click on this button to see your past and present supervisees. We were only able to upload data from 2006 onwards and so, if you want to have older students added, do so by clicking on ‘no, I need to make changes’. Similarly, if you want supervisions from other universities adding, use this function to request changes.
From this page you can click on a supervisee’s name to view information about their degree (or, in Gateway language, ‘Doctoral research project’).

To get back to the ‘home page’ click on ‘Home’ or on the university logo in the top left hand corner. Wherever you are in Gateway, to the left of your name on your homepage you will see ‘Tray’ and ‘Tasks’ (Tray is only visible when there is something in it). These are really helpful ways of managing your own use of Gateway.

G SV Tray and Task The Tray function works like a bookmark. You can add pages to your tray to come back to at any time. You could add your current supervisees to your tray to come back to easily or perhaps a form you are working on. G Add to TrayClick on the icon (shown to the right) to add things to your tray.
The tasks function shows you when Gateway requires you to take action. By clicking on the ‘Tasks’ button you can click through to the page you need to review. Where action is required you will normally see a green circle.

Gateway is now used for supervision, registration, transfer, ethics, change of supervisors, writing up, extensions, suspensions and annual progress reviews. Soon, Gateway will also support intention to submit, nomination of examiners and viva-voce arrangements. As ever, the Supervisor Toolkit is your first port of call for guidance on the regulations, policies and procedures.

If you have any questions about Gateway, please email and a member of the Graduate School team will get back to you, or give one of us a call.


Image By Steve F, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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