Images of Research 2016-17: Vote for your 3 favourites

The Images of Research (IoR) exhibition, run by the University of Northampton Graduate School, is now open in the Avenue Gallery corridor and will stay there until February 17th 2017. After this it will travel to Park Campus, to be displayed on the ground floor of Rockingham Library until mid March, then at Avenue Library entrance until Easter.

The IoR competition offers researchers a chance to illustrate or represent their research using a unique image, along with an abstract of up to 150 words describing how the image reflects their research. An annual competition which started in 2013, IoR creatively showcases research at the University and the competition reflects a wide range of research projects as diverse as the images are creative. The images are the perfect medium for engaging non-specialists and capture the essence of even complex research projects in an accessible way.

If you don’t manage to see it in the flesh, so to speak, then why not vote online? Just take a look at the IoR 2017 Catalogue and follow the guidelines below. Voting closes on 13th April 2017.

Please vote for your top three (no particular order) – image plus abstract. Vote for images you find visually appealing AND that have an accompanying abstract which is well written & clearly connects with the image to describe the research. For more details please read the guidelines for voting first!

About Simone Apel

Researcher Developer for The Graduate School, University of Northampton.

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