Call for papers: 10th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference

10th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference
28-30 June, Brunel Business School, Brunel University London, UK

Stream Title: Education Beyond Borders

Stream Convenor: Dr Melanie Crofts

This stream will explore issues relating to physical, social, political and cultural barriers to accessing educational opportunities, both as a student and as an educational professional. It is envisaged that papers will explore a diverse range of issues that bridge the topics of education and borders in their broadest senses.

Immigrants and asylum seekers experience barriers in accessing educational opportunities, for example students are often used as pawns in political debates around immigration and asylum and academics face issues in pursuing their research when forced to flee persecution.

Identity (e.g. gender, race, sexuality) is also barrier to education, both as it affects a student’s perception of self but also as it manifests itself in the definition of what counts as knowledge. The stream will welcome discussions of how to challenge and re-define the boundaries of the white, male, heteronormative curriculum. It will also consider the relationship between approaches to delivery and exclusion.

There are those who wish to impose restrictions on the limits of education, censuring knowledge and the work of the academy. It is hoped that contributors will explore solutions to these obstacles.

There is also a recognition of the value of rich narrative and critical approaches as research methodologies. Papers that explore first-hand experiences of education in the context of facing and challenging boundaries and borders and those that celebrate the contributions of queer theory, radical feminism and CRT to education, would be welcomed.

Important dates:

Please submit your abstracts/papers via the conferences website:

Submissions to the conference can be in the form of long abstracts (5 pages minimum: length to be specified by stream and workshop chairs) and full papers by the deadline of April 28th 2017.

All submissions will be subjected to peer review organized by stream chairs with two referees for each paper. Deadline for reviews: May 15th 2017 (acceptance/rejection).

Best paper nominations and submission of best papers to the relevant associated journal (as agreed by submitter): May 30th 2017.

Contact Details:

For further information about this stream please contact – Dr Melanie Crofts

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