Images of Research 2021 winner – Jonathan Francis

Congratulations to Jonathan Francis, our Judges’ Choice Images of Research 2021 winner! Jonathan’s image will be showcased in Graduate School publications.

Well done to Adnan Haq and Bethany McTrustery, who received highly commended mentions for their submissions by our judges, Drs Cathy Smith and Craig Staff. Many congratulations too, to our People’s Choice winner, Chin Guan Lim for ‘Is your business pennywise or pound foolish?’ We had 420 votes in total for the People’s Choice.

The recording and presentation slides, along with the full brochure of entries can be found in RES001>left hand menu>competitions>Images of Research 2021. Thank you to everyone who participated with their excellent submissions in this year’s competition.

Abstract ~ Jonathan Francis

The reliability of manual ultrasonics in detecting internal corrosion in Carbon Steel pipework

Manual ultrasonics (MUT) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) technique used to detect wall thickness measurements on a variety of components within the oil and gas industry. The image demonstrates the difficulties which can be encountered when attempting to gain thickness measurements on pipework. The pipework is in the roof space of a module on an oil and gas platform within the North Sea. Difficult access and egress are one of the many issues encountered during an examination, there is a multitude of other issues such as environment, equipment, organisation and inspector. This research aims to critically appraise the factors that affect the MUT task and apply the findings to make the necessary adjustments to ensure MUT is reliable, this will guarantee the continued safe operation of assets in the UK energy supply chain. 

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