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The future of printed academic books

nu-information-services-park-373If you haven’t previously read ‘The Conversation‘ then let me introduce you to this excellent blog with this post on the future of academic print books.

Written by Donald Barclay, Deputy University Librarian at the University of California Merced, the article highlights the impact of falling budgets and rising prices on academic book sales and proposes the open access monograph as a viable alternative.  But first, he argues, academic distrust of digital publication has to be overcome…

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Hugh Kearns’ books for researchers now in the library!

7_secrets_flat turbochargeEarlier in the year the Graduate School were given the opportunity to host a day of workshops for Research Students and Supervisors called “The Seven Secrets of Successful Research Students”, led by Australian researcher developer, Hugh Kearns. Hugh regularly lectures at universities across the world, including Oxford, Harvard and Stanford and has published a number of books on the subject of completing a doctorate.

Two of his books will shortly be available in the University Library – “Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Research Students” and “Turbocharge your Writing”. Both books are packed full of tips and valuable recommendations, to help research students progress through their research degree.