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The Altmetric bookmarklet – a researcher view

“Academics seem to be obsessed with metrics of all kinds at the moment, and I’m certainly not immune to it as my recent post on the h-index demonstrated.  So I was intrigued by a new (at least to me) browser plug-in that gives you instant altmetrics such as number of times mentioned on Twitter, Facebook or on news outlets, or cited in blogs, policy documents, Wikipedia, etc. …”

Read more about his experience with the Altmetric bookmarklet in Professor Jeff Ollerton’s blog.

Workshop: The digital academic, research impact and employability

Digital academic posterI have just been sent details of the following workshop (thanks to Jeff Ollerton and Cheryl Gardner) which may be of interest to research students and academic staff:

Workshop – ‘The Digital Academic: Tools and Tips for Research Impact and ECR Employability’

Monday 23rd March 2015
Coventry, UK

What does it really mean to be ‘a digital academic’? How can you build your online academic profile via social media? Do hiring committees actually care about your ‘digital academic impact’?

To help you identify the must-have technologies and tools for being a modern digital academic and the skills to manage them successfully, and Piirus are hosting an exclusive half-day workshop event. Find out more and register  on Eventbrite.