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RDM at the University of Northampton: state of play

Over the last three years the University has been implementing its roadmap for research data management (RDM).  This post outlines some of the work that has been undertaken and describes where we are now with respect to support for RDM at Northampton.

The University’s RDM roadmap was created in response to a demand from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) that Universities in receipt of EPSRC funding must conform to a set of  expectations concerning the management of research data. Institutions were (by April 2012) expected to produce a roadmap outlining how they would meet these expectations and then (by April 2015) to implement that roadmap.

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Data management planning using DMPonline

In its research data policy and principles, the University of Northampton strongly encourages researchers to produce data management plans (DMPs) for their research projects.  DMPonline is the recommended tool for this purpose.

Last year the university’s Research Data Working Group discussed the creation of Northampton-specific guidance for DMPonline users.  The tool permits institutions to enter local information about support for data management planning which users will see when they create their DMPs.

For Northampton, the local guidance now covers the University’s policies, procedures and responsibilities for research data management, as well as information about related services (such as TUNDRA2 and NECTAR) that can be used in your DMP.

To see the new University of Northampton guidance in DMPonline you will need to take the following steps when you create your plan:

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