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Library guides to subject resources

nu-information-services-park-414-EditIf you are new to Northampton and not entirely sure which resources are available for your discipline then the Academic Librarians’ “Library Support for…” guides may be of use to you.

Each guide has information about books and journals for a subject area (e.g. Education, Accounting and Finance; Engineering); some subject specific tools and resources; tips on searching for and evaluating your results; and other expert help from your Academic Librarian.

Although these are mainly written for students on taught courses, new research students and staff may well find them a useful starting point so please do take a look.

You’ll find links to all the resources on the Academic Librarians page on the Skills Hub.

Bitesize stats resources for researchers!

Broad_chain_closeupA great selection of links to statistics resources, recommended by UN research students.

If you have any more recommendations in your discipline please email the links to me!

Basic Stats Online Links

These ‘how to’ videos contain “most” stats tests for social sciences up to advanced level  (Factor Analysis) Read the rest of this entry

Bitesize resources for researchers!

Another selection of Web resources, recommended especially by UN research students.

Social Research Hub: A forum, Twitter feed and Blog for social researchers in a wide range of fields, including human geography, education, linguistics, law, psychology, sociology.

Research blogs: From the publishers of Research Fortnight and Research Professional.

PhD life: A personal blog about the PhD experience.

Literature Review HQ: A literature review toolbox containing articles, podcasts and other resources.

So you want to blog?: Instructions on how to get started on a Blog of your own.

Next week – watch this space for statistics resources online!

If you have any good research Web resources that you’d like to share please email them to Simone Apel.

A blog of blogs… and other research resources!

A bitesize selection of Web resources on research for PG students and supervisors.

If you have any good research Web resources that you’d like to share
please email them to Simone Apel.

Blogs on WordPress

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The thesis whisperer
Doctoral writing
Supervisor’s friend

On Twitter

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Beyond the PhD


Podacademy: Sound Thinking; Podcasts of current research.
Tedtalks: Some of the world’s greatest educators, researchers, and community leaders share their stories and visions onstage at the TED conference.