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Lunchtime seminar: Communities for Ageing Populations in Canada and Brazil

Submitted by Ruth Hughes-Rowlands.

The Institute for Heath and Wellbeing are holding a lunchtime seminar on Wednesday 14 January at Sunley Conference Centre. Professor Judith Sixsmith and Maria Mascolli, a visting PhD student from Brazil, are presenting on two community-based research studies on communities for ageing populations in Canada and Brazil.

A sandwich lunch will be provided. Please see the seminar flyer or Eventbrite page for further details and to book a place.

The blogroll grows

If you’re interested in what’s happening in Research around the university, be sure to check out our Research Support Hub blogroll in the right-hand menu. This collects links to other blogs produced by researchers across the institution – I’ve just added the Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences blog, bringing us to a total of sixteen sites covering a broad range of disciplines and interests.

Similarly, if you’re a University of Northampton researcher with your own blog, or you’ve created a site for a conference or a project, email me the details and I’ll add you to the roll.

LearnTech news: technology for research

The monthly LearnTech newsletter has just arrived in my mailbox and although its focus is learning and teaching, I can see a few items that might also have an application in research. They are all described on the LearnTech blog:

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First steps in hyperspace

Submitted by James Ressel

Not long ago I started a blog entitled Law, Culture & Ideas ( However, as soon as I posted my first article I came to dread the expenditure of time and energy that will be needed to feed the voraciously hungry virtual baby now growing in hyperspace.  In this post I will try outline some of the ideas underlying the blog, its rationale and plans for the future.

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Bitesize stats resources for researchers!

Broad_chain_closeupA great selection of links to statistics resources, recommended by UN research students.

If you have any more recommendations in your discipline please email the links to me!

Basic Stats Online Links

These ‘how to’ videos contain “most” stats tests for social sciences up to advanced level  (Factor Analysis) Read the rest of this entry

Jeff Ollerton: The Cliff

Research Support Hub readers will surely be interested in Professor Jeff Ollerton’s latest blog post, The Cliff, in which Professor Jeff reflects on 20 years as a PhD examiner, discusses the growth of literature in his field and what it means for new research students, and highlights a mysterious publishing statistic.

You can subscribe to all Jeff’s posts at

Bitesize resources for researchers!

Another selection of Web resources, recommended especially by UN research students.

Social Research Hub: A forum, Twitter feed and Blog for social researchers in a wide range of fields, including human geography, education, linguistics, law, psychology, sociology.

Research blogs: From the publishers of Research Fortnight and Research Professional.

PhD life: A personal blog about the PhD experience.

Literature Review HQ: A literature review toolbox containing articles, podcasts and other resources.

So you want to blog?: Instructions on how to get started on a Blog of your own.

Next week – watch this space for statistics resources online!

If you have any good research Web resources that you’d like to share please email them to Simone Apel.

Posthumous Posterous: the importance of the exit strategy

I this post I discuss the imminent closure of the Posterous blogging service, and the wider topic of what happens to your data when a tool you rely on is killed off (or, perhaps, you grow out of it and want to move elsewhere). I’ll take a look at the export options for various major online tools that researchers may be likely to use, and suggest a few things to check for when you’re starting out (or if you’re already knee-deep in published content).

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A blog of blogs… and other research resources!

A bitesize selection of Web resources on research for PG students and supervisors.

If you have any good research Web resources that you’d like to share
please email them to Simone Apel.

Blogs on WordPress

Research whisperer
The thesis whisperer
Doctoral writing
Supervisor’s friend

On Twitter

Viva survivors


Beyond the PhD


Podacademy: Sound Thinking; Podcasts of current research.
Tedtalks: Some of the world’s greatest educators, researchers, and community leaders share their stories and visions onstage at the TED conference.

Blogwatch: UoN researchers at SCAPE 2012

Jeff Ollerton reports from SCAPE 2012, the annual meeting of the Scandinavian Association of Pollination Ecologists, which included presentations from André Rodrigo Rech and Stella Watts of the university’s Landscape and Biodiversity Research Group.

Jeff’s post, barely two days old, is already prominent in various Google searches relating to the conference, and demonstrates how a blog can be a valuable tool for disseminating your research work, activity and interests.

If you’re a University of Northampton researcher with a blog of your own – or if you’re thinking of starting one and need some advice – please let us know (or see the slides from our recent workshop).

Thumbnail image: California High Desert Honey Bees Pollinating a Yellow Beavertail Cactus Flower  by Jessie Eastland via Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)