Blogs added, blogs wanted

Writing ball keyboard by Sverre avnskog (Creative Commons)We’ve added some new university staff and researcher blogs to our blogroll in the right-hand column:

At History at The University of Northampton Dr. Drew Gray and the history staff are posting on a variety of interesting topics including crime and punishment, Northampton Castle, motherhood in the media and political strategy.

Cotswold History is the blog of PhD researcher Nell Darby and focuses on the social history of the Cotswolds region, with posts on cautionary tales,  local eccentrics, magic lanterns and everyone’s favourite,  murder walks.

Professor Mike Redwood is a seasoned blogger whose posts on the global leather industry date back to 2007. He has recently posted from the Netherlands, Shanghai, Germany and everyone’s favourite, Northampton on leather and its relation and relevance to the University of Northampton.

These new sites join our existing link to the blog of Professor Jeff Ollerton, whose diverse posts revolve around biodiversity by way of creationism, architecture, post-everything activism and everyone’s favourite, toilet seats.

If you’re a blogging PhD or staff researcher we’d love to add your site to our list – please contact Nick with the details.

Main image: Writing ball keyboard by Sverre avnskog (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)
Thumbnail: Underwood Keyboard (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

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