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™, © and patent pending: unpicking intellectual property rights with IP Tutor

We all use intellectual property and we all create intellectual property, but the intricacies of IP law are often daunting. IP Tutor is an online course from the government’s Intellectual Property Office. For the low price of half an hour of your time it will help you understand the role and value of IP, whether you’re building on the work of others or maximising the potential of your own output.

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State of the Commons: a 12th anniversary Creative Commons report

Creative Commons licences  – a set of ready-made licences creators can apply to their work to enable and encourage sharing and reuse – are 12 years old in December, and the Creative Commons team have produced a great infographic detailing the current state of the commons. A full report looking to the future is also available – both are well worth your time, and do remember that if you’re adding your research output to NECTAR, Creative Commons licensing of uploaded material is supported – contact the NECTAR team ( for help and advice.

Creative Commons licences upgraded to 4.0

Creative Commons has updated its licences to version 4.0, meaning there’s never been a better time to investigate what CC can do for you (and what you can do for CC).

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Finding usable images with Wikimedia Commons

Creative Commons (CC) licences allow images (and other content) to be used without the traditional ordeal of obtaining copyright permission from the creator (or the greater ordeal of being sued for infringement). They are a valuable tool for anyone creating digital content (such as presentations), particularly if the content is to be hosted online. This post explains how to find and use CC images using Wikimedia Commons.

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