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EPSRC science photo competition 2015

EPSRCThe Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s Science Photo Competition 2015 is well underway and there is still time for you to share your research through pictures – and win prizes in a range of categories. Submission deadline is the 19 December 2015.  Read the rest of this entry

Getty Images: the wider picture

You may have seen news reports over the last week – such as this one from the BBC – on Getty Images making a substantial chunk of its vast image library free-to-use on blogs and social media.

At first glance, this seems like great news for bloggers looking for quality images to accompany their posts. But as with most free lunches, you might want to read the fine print before you grab your knife and fork.

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LearnTech news: technology for research

The monthly LearnTech newsletter has just arrived in my mailbox and although its focus is learning and teaching, I can see a few items that might also have an application in research. They are all described on the LearnTech blog:

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Finding usable images with Wikimedia Commons

Creative Commons (CC) licences allow images (and other content) to be used without the traditional ordeal of obtaining copyright permission from the creator (or the greater ordeal of being sued for infringement). They are a valuable tool for anyone creating digital content (such as presentations), particularly if the content is to be hosted online. This post explains how to find and use CC images using Wikimedia Commons.

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