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Jeff Ollerton: The Cliff

Research Support Hub readers will surely be interested in Professor Jeff Ollerton’s latest blog post, The Cliff, in which Professor Jeff reflects on 20 years as a PhD examiner, discusses the growth of literature in his field and what it means for new research students, and highlights a mysterious publishing statistic.

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Bumblebee experts create a buzz at the University of Northampton

Submitted by Professor Jeff Ollerton

On the 11th April over 70 of the UK and Ireland’s pollination scientists and conservationists will be meeting at the University of Northampton for the biennial Bumblebee Working Group meeting.

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Blogwatch: UoN researchers at SCAPE 2012

Jeff Ollerton reports from SCAPE 2012, the annual meeting of the Scandinavian Association of Pollination Ecologists, which included presentations from André Rodrigo Rech and Stella Watts of the university’s Landscape and Biodiversity Research Group.

Jeff’s post, barely two days old, is already prominent in various Google searches relating to the conference, and demonstrates how a blog can be a valuable tool for disseminating your research work, activity and interests.

If you’re a University of Northampton researcher with a blog of your own – or if you’re thinking of starting one and need some advice – please let us know (or see the slides from our recent workshop).

Thumbnail image: California High Desert Honey Bees Pollinating a Yellow Beavertail Cactus Flower  by Jessie Eastland via Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)