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Save the date! Moulton’s Postgraduate Research Symposium, 15th December

Submitted by Dr Wanda McCormick

Moulton College logoMoulton’s Postgraduate Research Symposium will take place on Thursday 15th December 2016 in P9, the Lecture Theatre, Pitsford Centre, from 1pm to 4:15pm with a buffet lunch beforehand. All students and staff at the University of Northampton are welcome to attend.

After an opening address by Steve Davies, Principal at Moulton College, 11 presentations by postgraduate research students will follow. Research topics will include exotic pet welfare, lameness detection in sheep, tree health and the effects of cryotherapy for sports recovery. At 4:15pm coffee, tea and mince pies will be served. For more information, and to register your interest in attending, please contact Dr Wanda McCormick.

The rabbit – Britain’s unloved pet?

Figure 1: Rabbit and food bowl. Photo: C Ellis

Submitted by Clare Ellis
Postgraduate Researcher Moulton College & University of Northampton

Rabbits are one of Britain’s top five most popular pets (PFMA, 2013) yet recent research (PDSA Wellbeing report 2013) has shown that they are often not kept in appropriate conditions, and hundreds of rescue centres all over Britain take in unwanted pet rabbits each year.

New research being carried out by research staff at Moulton College & the University of Northampton is investigating how BIG Britain’s bunny problem is. Read the rest of this entry