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Do you own or work with rabbits?

Submitted by Dr Wanda McCormick.

Rabbit survey photoHave you 15 minutes to spare?

Can you help us with our online survey?

We are currently trying to find out information about handling methods used by people who own and work with rabbits. Little research has looked at the different methods of handling rabbits and your answers to our questions will help add to our knowledge and to future guidelines that may be developed.

If you own, show or work with rabbits please fill in our Rabbit handling survey.

For further information contact: Wanda McCormick or Clare Ellis

The rabbit – Britain’s unloved pet?

Figure 1: Rabbit and food bowl. Photo: C Ellis

Submitted by Clare Ellis
Postgraduate Researcher Moulton College & University of Northampton

Rabbits are one of Britain’s top five most popular pets (PFMA, 2013) yet recent research (PDSA Wellbeing report 2013) has shown that they are often not kept in appropriate conditions, and hundreds of rescue centres all over Britain take in unwanted pet rabbits each year.

New research being carried out by research staff at Moulton College & the University of Northampton is investigating how BIG Britain’s bunny problem is. Read the rest of this entry