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Tools for scholarly communication – survey results

innovations in scholarly communicationsA few months ago I invited researchers to take part in a survey of the tools they used to support  their own scholarly communication.  Northampton’s answers were then combined with those from other universities to create a dataset of over 20,000 responses.

The number of responses from Northampton was relatively small (just 36) so these comments should be read with the appropriate health warnings but I promised to let you know our results.

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Have your say on reference management

Do you use RefWorks? Mendeley? OneNote, Papers, CiteULike? Do they improve your life, or raise your blood pressure? Is there anything you wish they did, or didn’t do? Do you avoid them altogether?

All researchers and staff are invited to take part in our survey on the use of reference managers. This is part of a project within Library and Learning Services looking at support and provision for reference management and citation services.
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Tools for scholarly communication – how much do you know?

Which tools do you use to support your research workflow?  Are you aware of all the tools that are available?

Utrecht University have put together a list of over 400 tools used by researchers in the course of their research activity and have launched a survey to find out which of these are most commonly used by researchers worldwide.

The Innovations in Scholarly Communication survey takes about 8-12 minutes to complete and will introduce you to a host of tools that you may find useful.  The survey can be completed anonymously or you can put in your email address to receive a visual representation of your workflow compared to that of your peer group.

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Do you own or work with rabbits?

Submitted by Dr Wanda McCormick.

Rabbit survey photoHave you 15 minutes to spare?

Can you help us with our online survey?

We are currently trying to find out information about handling methods used by people who own and work with rabbits. Little research has looked at the different methods of handling rabbits and your answers to our questions will help add to our knowledge and to future guidelines that may be developed.

If you own, show or work with rabbits please fill in our Rabbit handling survey.

For further information contact: Wanda McCormick or Clare Ellis

“Constructing Questionnaires” skills workshop on Friday 1st May

QProfessor Jackie Campbell and Dr Mary Dobson will be running their excellent workshop on constructing questionnaires later this week.

Friday, 1 May 2015 from 11:00 to 13:00 in Sulgrave SO10, Park Campus.
To book your place please go to

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