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OA and the research lifecycle 3: bidding for funding

OA lifecycle bid for fundingOpen access to published work

Many funders, especially those awarding public monies, now make it a prerequisite of funding that all published outputs should be made open access.  You should make it clear in your bid how you intend to comply with this requirement.

The main issues you need to address at the bidding stage are:

  • Does your prospective funder have a policy on open access?
  • If so, have they opted for ‘gold’ (made OA by the publisher) or ‘green’ (deposited in an OA repository) open access to published outputs?
  • If ‘gold’, are they willing to pay article processing charges (APCs)?
  • Do they require open access outputs to be released under a particular licence (e.g. CC BY)?
  • Are you and your collaborative partners willing to comply with the funder’s OA requirements?

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Data management planning: resources and guides

The creation of a research data management plan (DMP) at the start of a research project is becoming a common requirement. It is increasingly an expectation on the part of funders, sometimes even at the bidding stage, and the University of Northampton’s research data policy and guidance highly recommend it.  But what is a DMP and what should it include? Read the rest of this entry

Workshop report: Research data management for librarians

Yesterday’s event for Library and Learning Services staff was the third in the series of research data management (RDM) workshops being run by Digital Curation Centre (DCC) staff for the University of Northampton.  Our ‘institutional engagement’ with the DCC is part of a sector-wide initiative to enhance the skills of researchers, and those who support them, in RDM.

As a basic introduction, the session started by clarifying what research data are, then covered data management planning, data sharing and the skills required to support these tasks.  It concluded with a round-up of progress in RDM activity at Northampton.

Interestingly, some of the most energetic debate focused on the challenges of sharing data.

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Research Council requirements for data management – slides available

The slides for yesterday’s session focusing on the research data planning requirements of Research Councils are available below.  Thanks to all who came along and stimulated a fair bit of discussion.

The request for a further workshop on selecting, documenting and sharing  sensitive qualitative data has been duly noted  – watch this blog for further details.

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Research Council requirements for data management – workshop and clinic

Don’t forget this Wednesday’s workshop featuring the Research Council requirements for data management, to be hosted by the School of Social Sciences:

Research Council requirements for data management

Many research funders have issued policies that require researchers to effectively manage, and where possible, share their data. The main expectations are reflected in a set of common principles, released by RCUK in 2011. This workshop aims to demystify funder requirements and provide practical guidelines on how to meet them.

  • Hosted by: School of Social Sciences
  • Intended audience: Research active staff and research students in social sciences
  • When: Wednesday 27th February 10am – 12 noon
  • Where: Naseby N25
  • Contact: Miggie Pickton

There will also be an opportunity for individuals to chat through the data management aspects of their latest funding bids, or to discuss any other data management issues.  Contact Miggie for a one-to-one appointment.  Half hour slots are available from 1pm to 3pm in F39.

RDM workshops for Graduate School and NBS – slides available

Yesterday’s research data management (RDM) workshops with Sarah Jones and Marieke Guy of the DCC sparked a lot of interest from researchers.  For those that were unable to attend, the slides are here:

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Managing your research data – forthcoming workshops

As part of our ongoing engagement with the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) we have arranged the following workshops:

  • Managing data through the research lifecycle
  • Managing your PhD research data
  • Research Council requirements for data management

All sessions will be led by experts in data management from the DCC.

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Managing your PhD research data workshop


Data experts from the Digital Curation Centre are coming to the University on Wednesday, 20 February to run “Managing your PhD research data”

Good research is underpinned by good research data management. This workshop will explain why it’s important to actively manage your research data, address the key issues and challenges in data management and introduce the concept of data management planning. Students will have the opportunity to use the DMPonline tool to complete a data management plan for their PhD research.

This event is open to UN research students. Any research staff who would like support with managing their research data please contact Miggie Pickton.

Managing your PhD research data
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 from 15:00 to 17:30,
in the T-Pod, Rockingham Library, Park Campus, University of Northampton.

Introducing research data management

Reporting on this event: Research data clinics – 30th October

Yesterday’s visit by Sarah Jones and Marieke Guy from the DCC gave a dozen or so Northampton researchers the chance to find out a bit more about the benefits and challenges of managing research data.

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Research data clinics – 30th October 2012

Are you wrestling with a tricky research data problem?  If so, perhaps we can help.

As part of our ongoing ‘engagement’ with the Digital Curation Centre, Sarah Jones and Marieke Guy will be running a couple of data management ‘clinics’ for researchers at Northampton.  They will also present a short introductory talk covering the basics of research data management and highlighting the data services available to researchers at Northampton.

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