Report: Taylor & Francis – Insights into publishing

Last week I attended an interesting event put on by Taylor and Francis (T&F) and, knowing that quite a few Northampton researchers publish with T&F, I thought I’d share some of the things I learned.

There were several talks during the day, covering support for early career researchers; peer review and journal development; the role of the editorial team; journal production; dissemination; and open access.  The full slide presentation is available here but for me a number of points stood out.

Far from being a negative experience, the peer review process can offer great benefits to the newEarly printing press at St Bride Foundation author.  A good reviewer will give detailed and constructive feedback, highlight any errors or gaps in the work and assist with making the paper more applicable to the journal and its readership (slide 20).

T&F have recently published ‘Peer review in 2015: a global view‘, describing authors’, reviewers’ and editors’ views of the peer review process.  The report highlights some interesting differences between authors’ expectations and the reality of peer review (slide 30).

The shortage of reviewers is a concern (but a potential opportunity too for those wishing to enhance their CV).  T&F now use keywords from papers to search for relevant published authors in the discipline who may be suitable reviewers .  Their previous system of using ‘preferred reviewers’ has been discontinued because of unprecedented numbers of papers being retracted for fake review (slide 38).

T&F provide a lot of support for authors wishing to promote their work beyond publication and their top ten tips for ensuring your work makes an impact are equally applicable to work published elsewhere.  T&F will work with authors on press releases, social media and other forms of promotion.  Other publishers do this too so why not check out their services when you have a paper published? (I have added some links below that may be helpful.)

Cartoon abstracts are a fun and novel way of communicating research (slide 67).

Like other global publishers, T&F are attempting to meet the open access (OA) needs of UK researchers as well as those of researchers internationally.  Some countries or funders lean towards ‘green’ OA policies, others to ‘gold’ OA (slides 114 and 116). T&F’s UK solution is to offer offsetting vouchers that reduce the cost of article processing charges by 75% for qualifying authors (see my earlier post for how to take advantage of this offer).

As a result of the networking opportunities afforded by the event, I am now in discussions with T&F and the Graduate School with a view to T&F putting on a workshop for researchers in June.  Watch out for further information about this.

Further information

For more information about the ‘Insights into publishing’ event and T&F’s services for authors please see:

For support for authors from other publishers see for example:

Photo: Early printing press at St Bride Foundation, the venue for the event.

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